Self-performing contractor services specializing in restaurant buildouts.

C. C Construction Services of Ohio started out offering fluid applied flooring in restaurants. We offer our clients decorative epoxy and urethane floors for dining areas and specialized floor/cove systems for kitchen areas.  Our unique and creative processes are designed to provide a hard, easy to maintain surface with fast cure times to allow our clients to take days out of the time to get their restaurant open. Time is money.

As we became more and more familiar with the process of building out a restaurant, we recognized some of the inefficiencies of trying to coordinate dozens of different trades.  As a self-performing contractor, we’ve streamlined the process.  Can’t close up a wall because an inspection needs to be completed, we can work on the floor.  Wall finishes are back-ordered? We can work on installing the ceiling.  No time is wasted.  Our workers are intimately familiar with the process and know what needs to be done.

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